There are 2 main options when you lose a job; either COBRA or Marketplace. 


When you leave a job outside of the normal enrollment period you have 60 days to enroll on the marketplace or you can choose COBRA (The Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act) which is to keep your current health insurance plan for a certain period of time (typically up to 18 months) at an increased personal cost. 


Even if you love your current plan you should take a look at the marketplace to shop around. 




Pros: Keep your same coverage, the process for filing claims does not change, keep insurance card.
Cons: More expensive option, a limited time frame to keep coverage, sometimes an additional administrative fee is added on.




Pros: Might qualify for cost-saving premium tax credits, most likely cheaper than COBRA.


Cons: Might have to search for new doctors.


No Coverage


Health coverage must a must, opting out is not a sensible option for more reasons that one. 


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