When picking health insurance you need to find out what type of plan fits you the best. There are 2 different types of plans Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). The main differences between the types of plans are your ability to choose your specialist, plan costs, coverage of out-of-network services and the size of the plan network.



Access to specific doctors and hospitals; if you need to see a specialist you must go to the one where your primary doctor refers you. This leaves few opportunities to see a non-network provider. HMO’s also have more restrictions such as only allowing a certain number of visits, treatments or tests. If you go to the doctor a lot or have a medical history this may limit your ability to freely visit a doctor.
A PPO policy allows more flexibility when choosing your doctors and/or hospitals. You can pick the specialists of your choice and frequent the doctors’ office as much as you need. Going to a doctor or a hospital outside of the network may be covered as well; if you stay in-network those benefits may be better. With more flexibility, the PPO plans typically have higher premiums.
When choosing between these two plans you should keep in mind your medical history, doctors, and income. Before choosing the HMO research the network of doctors and hospitals that you have access to and see if they meet your needs.


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