High-deductible health plans have lower monthly premiums but can cost you more when you go to a doctor, specialist, clinic or the hospital. Because of this many people are skipping or postponing routine or other medical care because they cannot afford to pay upfront.
Why Do People Choose High-Deductible Plans?
Most people that purchase these plans like the idea of paying the lower monthly premium and are assuming they are going to remain healthy throughout the year.
These plans are not always a bad choice for everyone. If you typically only go to the doctor for routine screenings and you have some savings to cover your deductible in the event that something does occur; this might be a reasonable option to paying less monthly premiums.
How to Make the Best of a High-Deductible Health Plan


Surviving a High-Deductible Health Plan
  • Know What’s Free: Many routine health services are now free. Take advantage of these preventative screenings.
  • Comparison Shop: Use the tools on your provider’s website to shop around for lower prices for non-emergency care.
  • Research Costs: Prices for medical treatments can vary drastically; shop around your local market to get to know your options.
  • Don’t Shop by Price Alone: When choosing a doctor for your medical treatments, make sure you’re also reading reviews and looking at the quality of the medical facility.
  • Interview Your Doctor: Ask your doctor questions about medical treatments or prescriptions you might require after.
  • Keep Track of Costs: Make sure you’re keeping track of how much out-of-pocket expenses.

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