Most people are covered with health insurance from their employer. If you do not have health insurance through your employer you can visit to use the government insurance exchanges.
Through this website, you are able to select your state, and then be directed to either your state’s exchange or the government’s exchange (Depending on the state you reside).
From the Marketplace, you are able to choose what plan that best suits you (or your families needs). It’s important when choosing your insurance to look at your past medical history to help you chose the best product for you without paying more/less out of pocket costs than needed.
If you choose an HMO or a POS and need a specialist at some point your primary doctor will choose your specialist. Important to keep this in mind if you currently have a specialist that you like to use or like doing the research on your own when picking a specialist. If you’d rather choose your doctors to go with a PPO or EPO.
Some other items to look at when choosing your health insurance plan is comparing the in/out of network doctors, the out-of-pocket costs, compare the benefits (are you planning on having a child, what medication do you take, etc).
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